art by Rayvenphoto art by Rayvenwaffle house shift changestove topplate art

art by Stephart by Stephdrawing of my room by Stephlain in the mirroracrylics and oils on cardboard

creamer stackingphoto art by Rayventree in the window by imperfectbreakfast at bob's

art by Brianart by Rob

Art by Stinky Bobart by D=rokart by Rayvenart by Rayvenphoto by Leah

how could you be so blindart by Liciaart by Stephscissorsstacked skillets by Leah

photo art by Brian Bobart by Brian Bobpaint art by Brian Bob

Julie's tattoophoto art by Milliephoto art by Millieflowers by D=Roksplattershit by D=Rok

photo art by MillieHalo photothinkart at the parkphoto art by Leah

photo art by Leahart by Raeshellimperfect photo manip artshatterd lensecomputer art with paint

black and white cloudsart by D=Rokt_shirt ideaphoto of weed painted red

collection of computer art by imperfectthing in 3Dlavaoflife_paint_artimperfect old photo artart by Cinnabar

art by: D=rokart by Brianart by Cinnabarart by Cinnabarart by Cinnabar

art by Cinnabarart by: D=rokart by Robart by Stinky Bob

art by kodyart by Kodyart by Victoriashadowart by Kim

art by D=rokart by imperfect

art by Imperfectevil logo smileart by Imperfectart by Liv

art by KodyMarc's tattooart by kodyart by Sarahphoto of flowers

art by Sarahart by Robart by Kimart by Kimart by jake

art by Stinky Bobart by D=rokAsh's eyeart by Ash

imperfectDeep sorrow by D=Rok

darkangel by D=Rokstonestatue by D=Rokblood artwaterfall by D=Rokart by Rayven

art by Rayven

art by Kodyart by Brianface Art by: Kody ( Link goes to the art1 page)


Poetry and Creative Writing:

Poetry by Amy H

Poetry by Ash M

Poetry by Brian T

Poetry by D=Rok

Poetry by Gabriel

Poetry by Jackie B

Poetry by Julie B

Poetry by Julia

Poetry by Kari

Poetry by Kim

Poetry by Kody T

Poetry by Kris

Poetry by Krystal

Poetry by Larua

Poetry by Licia

Poetry by Liveghn

Poetry by Lindsay Kujawa

Poetry by Megan S

Poetry by Melody R

Poetry by Millie M

Poetry by Raylee

Poetry by Samantha H

Poetry by Steph

Poetry by Teresa H

Poetry by Ticia B


Stinky Bob MP3's


classlics intro track
Sip it quick
Key Violence
Sexy Crickets
Lay down in the rain
Wine with cheese and memories
Sidewalk Chalk
Thanks to the Sun
A dance on pianos
Bleed Happy


level cap of KEiR
sweet dx10
the inside is dangerous
20 on the highway
under the bed
broken teeth
cracktin crunch
instant dust
sure to see the light


naked on the back of a horse

Vodnik MP3's

VODNIK - The Abyss (LIVE)
VODNIK - Psycho Midgets

imperfect mp3s

while in outerspace
do we thinkist


The Tacos, Chicken, and Joe Show!


"Red Shoes" - A video by: D=Rok


The Wired


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