by: Jackie B.
Lost, abandoned, hopeless. Where do I start descirbing these emotions. Prehaps where they originated. As the sun stagnated somewhere over the horizon, we met. The night air was fridget, and all was numb. We sat together watching the world float by oblvious to those surrounding. As we wandered aimless down dark streets and kissed under lights, we realized how lucky we were to have eachother in this vast urban desert. Quickly we fell, unbaring it seemed to be apart, strange, you heard whispers from forked tongues and everything fell apart. Desperately, I picked up the broken shards and tried to form them back into what we once had. I failed. What was once two entangled in a cancerous passion is now a hollow shell. Now I wait for you in darkness, a mystery of curves and lines, wanting back the life we left behind.