by: Julia

please dont hurt me

please dont hurt me anymore
just go away and shut the door
suddenly life has become a chore
so please dont hurt me anymore

dont play me like im just a game
dont treat me like we're all the same
dont call me someones else's name
'cuz im not just a fucking game

i have feelings just like you
you can be hurt and i can too
have you tried walking in my shoes?
i can be hurt just like you

you dont know me the slightest bit
you dont flinch when i take your hits
you dont put up with all your shit
you dont know me one little bit

please dont hurt me anymore
just go away, just close the door
ive never felt this used before
please dont hurt me anymore....


what goes up must come down

you dont need me
you disgust me
you're so sleazy
you make it look easy
to be such a bitch
you're not legit
& not just to me
very few disagree
that you must be destroyed
too obsessed with boys
just take all your toys
and get away
who asked you to stay?
or to even come at all?
i cant wait 'till you fall
to the ground
'cuz after all,
what goes up must come down.


psych ward

i hate myself
i hate my life
im tired of this stupid knife
bringing tears, crimson red
doesnt matter how much blood i shed
cant answer your questions
wont ever forget them
why do you cut?
how much do you bleed?
i just know i need to b free
free from here
free from you
free from all insanity too