?Is there anybody there?!?

BYE D-Rock.

Every day i wait 4 tha fall
Everyday i wait 4 a call

Every day i wait 4 a letter
Every day i wait 4ever

Tha longer i wait i wanna die
tha longer i wait i wish i could fly

cuz i'd fly 2 wherever tha fuk u r
even if its on a dying star

and when I fly away
i'll pretend that tha day
Never ends, never dies and there's nothing 2 say

Except i love u i hate u Do u dare 2 care
And did u look inside
Is there anybody there?



by: D=rok

Em pleh
Some one tell me what the fuck?

Em pleh
I've fallen and I can't get up

Oh yeah
People = shit
I have a pretty new gun
And I know just who to kill with it

Lets have a ball lets all have fun
I'll bring death for everyone

Oh yeah
You know your all fucked

You look around
Your all alone…
…and everything sucks.

Em pleh
Anyone please
I can't stop killing people,
It comes with such ease.

Em pleh
time to fly
Cuz I'm jumpin off a cliff?
And I chopped off my wings.


I can't stop screaming
I can't stop crying

Somebody tell me…
…why does it feel like I'm dying?

Bleeding in my head.
Suddenly confused.
There's a hole in the wall.
I'm self abused.

I walk back and forth,
Screaming at the same sky.

I can't stop crying.