by: Steph

Little Nancy Minister
Was wicked, dark, and sinister.
Her home was atop a mountainous grove
Which awareness of her behavior was unknown.

Her garden was filled with ivy and thorns
And gargoyle statues bearing sharp, twisted horns.
To outside visitors, this garden would seem a fright
But to Nancy it was her own, and she thought it quite nice.

Many years she had lived in forlorn isolation
For Nancy, you see, was a walking contradiction.
Untill one day her privacy was disturbed.
A stranger had entered her garden, and spoke not but a word.

"Hello?" said a girl, only seven or eight.
But no one had answered, so she walked passed the gate.
As she walked through the garden she heard a faint moan.
She looked down and saw pieces of broken stone.

When she picked up the pieces of stone from the bed
She realized in her hands she was holding a head!
Quickly she turned as she heard a great shriek,
And at her was coming Nancy at full peak.

The girl dropped to the ground and huddled in fright,
And Nancy screamed at her with all of her might,
The little girl cried out as she cautiously took her stand.

"I was just..." the little girl started to say,
But stopped as Nancy's face turned with dismay.
"My statue." She ordered the girl to hand over.
The little girl did as Nancy had told her..

Nancy thought long and hard of the current situation,
She thought of the nights she has seen apparitions;
And realized, then, that she was quite lonely
And wanted to share with some one her story.

"You may stay for a while." Nancy offered the girl.
"But speak of this to no one from the outside world."
The little girl agreed as she wiped the tears away.
And was filled with delight at Nancy's offer to stay.

Nancy introduced herself as they took each other's hand,
And slowly strolled off through the twisted wonderland.