Made December Second Nineteen Eighty Six
by: Gabriel (Vath)

Impaled upon a pole I stay
Exposed beaten murdered
A movement from the wind makes myself like a puppet
No control victimized
Stench of demise
Illuminating encompassing inviting
The crowd in front of my carcass
Laughing teasing ignoring
Self delusional self centered
To no thought but their own
Their sticks cutting their rocks breaking
Impaled upon this pole I hang
Trapped into my own fleshly cell
Knowing what others think of me
Caring for none of them
hes a freak cries one
the other yells devil
Impaled upon a pole I live
The tears inside is the blood that flows out
In the cold darkness of alone I dwell
No understanding always undermining
In the back of my mind I hear
Release release release
Impaled upon a pole I stay
This is my day