by: Kim


I still cry when your not here,
I still have all the same fears.

I still hold my teddy bear at night,
I still wish it was you holding me tight.

I still remember all the things you said,
I still have lipstick marks all over your bed.

I still know that your the one,
Even if your not, your still alot of fun!





sick of all the lying,
sick of all the crying.
all this makes me feel like dying.

I want to hold you and give you hope,
but with everything we go though the answer is still nope!

I love you and I do care,
but all we do is fight,
all we do is stare.

i hate to go on like this with all this hate,
But I can't help thinking this is fate!




-He said-

He told me he loved me,
He told me he cared.

He told me he need me,
He said he would always be there.

People come and go, and others stay,
But he gave me the word and then took it away.