by: Krystal

all alone I hide my face
now I fear I've lost the race
people come and people go
and few of them will ever know
the truth about the pain I feel
and having to cope with what is real
people talk of problems they had
but none of them are quite as bad
as all the things that I've been there
and all the things I've had to do
no matter what I do, the pain is always there
and all I want now, is someone just to care
the pain that's in my head
makes me want to be dead
the pain is in my heart as well
and makes me hide like a turtle in it's shell
the pain is now too much to bear
and now I know life isn't fair
and so I go through life this way
constantly feeling so much pain

by: Krystal

this anger I feel if too much to bear
there's so much I have to deal with
it seems to me that life isn't fair
and it seems love is just a myth
for some reason the world is against me
and sometimes I want to give up
and everyone is too blind to see
I've just about given up hope
I wish I could just fly away
and then I wouldn't be mad
I feel like I want to leave today
then things won't be quite so bad
everything now seems like a dream
and right about now I just want to scream