Living life
by: Kris

living life day by day
striving this one and only way
looking whats left on my tray
sittin on the street with the suns ray
beaming down in the open way

i want my life to be the same
i want to live it with out the fame
i want to be with out a maim
live life to the fullest with my aim

Late at night
I struggle with a fight
I wake up with a fright
Hoping i live on with my might
Turning on the streets left or right

living life my own way
if u despise me ur fucking gay
walk along the street
one day we will soon meet

a simple girl as such for me
all i want is to be free
thats all there is so let me see
with no1 left for to be



Life Living,
living life on the streets
we will laugh when we meet
up in heaven we will treat
our loves lost in the heat
me up her here and you down there
makes me feel unaware
of the dangers that cant compare
here it is the last thing
that i write before your change