by: Megan

-Loves Draft-

The draft of love was cool and sweet.
Loves fire is keen and fleet,
and i'm burning up,
unless the tears I shed for you will douce
this burning flame,
it will consume me through and through.
It will leave nothing but ash...



-Note to Brian-

You say your gonna let me suffer.
You put me in a room of sulfer.
I should have known it from the start.
You now have permission to break my heart.
Seeing you in black,
Seeing you in that,
Seeing you cry was glory to me.
I felt better than you...
but who's to say there better than anyone.
I am so sorry.



by: Megan

If you could sit with me by the sea today,
and wisper to me your dreams over and over again...
I think I would not have found the clouds so dim and grey,
and not so loud the waves complaining to the shore.
If you could sit with me upon the shore today,
hold my hand in yours till we turn old and grey,
I think that I would not mind the chill of the ocean spray;
Nor find my hand and heart and all the world so cold.
If you could walk with me on the shore today,
and tell me that my longing love had won your own,
I think that all my sad thoughts would be put away,
and I could give peace back to the ocean's moon.