animated imperfect

tacos , joe , chicken , and bud , are animated.

c lick the links below to see the animated gifs.

03/14/10 the tacos, chicken, and joe show 13

03/19/09 (tacos is sneaky like a ninja) "sneaking!" 12

01/22/09 (tacos pokes with spikey hair doo) "tacos pokes with hair" 11

11/18/08 (chicken shows us the chicken dance.) "a fun day to jam" 10

11/13/08 (tacos wants to start a band.) "jumping all day" 9

11/13/08 (the rockstar dosn't like tacos.) "lets start a band" 8

11/12/08 (tacos meets a rock star.) "rockstar show" 7

11/12/08 (chicken wants your vote.) "vote chicken" 6

11/12/08 (joe gets lost in the background.) "flashing background colors" 5

11/11/08 (tacos tells a joke about a devil chicken.) "devil chicken joke" 4

11/11/08 (joe shows off his flying and falling skills.) "check it"! 3

11/11/08 (chicken has a question about chicken soup.) "chicken soup" 2

11/11/08 (tacos and joe are happy.) "the first animated gif : tacos woo!" 1


comic_03/09/09 (bud steals a right arm from joe.)