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?Is there anybody there?!?

BYE  D-Rock.

Every day i wait 4 tha fall
Everyday i wait 4 a call

Every day i wait 4 a letter
Every day i wait 4ever

Tha longer i wait i wanna die
tha longer i wait i wish i could fly

cuz i'd fly 2 wherever tha fuk u r
even if its on a dying star

and when I fly away
i'll pretend that tha day
Never ends, never dies and there's nothing 2 say

Except i love u i hate u Do u dare 2 care
And did u look inside
Is there anybody there?


Made December Second Nineteen Eighty Six
by: Gabriel (Vath)

Impaled upon a pole I stay
Exposed beaten murdered
A movement from the wind makes myself like a puppet
No control victimized
Stench of demise
Illuminating encompassing inviting
The crowd in front of my carcass
Laughing teasing ignoring
Self delusional self centered
To no thought but their own
Their sticks cutting their rocks breaking
Impaled upon this pole I hang
Trapped into my own fleshly cell
Knowing what others think of me
Caring for none of them
hes a freak cries one
the other yells devil
Impaled upon a pole I live
The tears inside is the blood that flows out
In the cold darkness of alone I dwell
No understanding always undermining
In the back of my mind I hear
Release release release
Impaled upon a pole I stay
This is my day


I'm alright
By: Liveghn

If you're reading this then I finally did it. I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye. There was no time. Understand I was stressed. Living day to day was hard and I gave it my best, but there was nothing left. For me in this world to convince me to stay and now I'm long gone away. Don't you do that. Don't you start them tears. Just remember all the time we've spent over the years. Never cry. Never think bad of me Just say your prayers every day in my memory. I'm sure its helping me. To earn my feathers to get some wings. And a halo and A harp and angelic things. And even though I'm gone, and outa site. just remember, I'm gonna be alright. I'm alright. And if you should die, don't blame yourself and keep it locked inside. I'm alright and when you cry, Don't break down. And keep me inside of your mind. Left outside. Never knew what I was feelin. Now every day you lay in bed starin at your sealin. But you don't see me no more. You can feel your heart with memories and things from before. But every body got a burbison life to survive and when the sunrise. You wont live to see another day. Just don't follow me. Live life your own way. Its been said, and if you forget. Get the picture with the cord around my neck. See me on the ground and I'm stuck but its cool, that's where I wanna be. Just keep the drama in hand but outa site and know that, I'ma be alright.


Stolen Hearts
by: Teresa Hill

No time or distance can keep us apart.
For one reason you've stolen my heart.
The feelings I have can't be expressed with words,
because they"ll only sound funny when being heard.
A Loving touch, a caring smile,
Can last forever, or a long wile.
To talk to you, nothing can go wrong,
Cause I believe, together we belong.
You say sweet things, you mean them too,
When we were apart, together we were blue.
It's hard for me to sleep at night,
wondering if you will ever hold me tight.
I love you and you love me.
Forever I hope, together we'll be..