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--Welcome to my Head--
by: Kody

Where to start? I just don't know,
Theres so much for me to show.
Many years of pain
Confusion, loss, emptiness, and shame…
But I guess im the only one to blame
Them again, without these times,
We wouldn't be the people we are today.
But all those times, and these cheap rhymes
Are all I have, in which to pay
To wash all of my sins away.

Unique morals and stories untold
From an imperfect soul
In a desperate attempt to be…
Remembered for all that he…
Was, and wants to be.

These are merely words to the world
From within its grasp, a single soul.
So open your mind, and look into mine
I hope you find what you wanted to find…


--He holds you-
by: Kody

I cant stand to see
Him in my place
It kills me
That smile on your face
I want to take you
And call you mine again
What is it exactly
That makes you want him?

I remember I was happy once…
With you by my side…

Now you act like you can hide
Everything you felt inside
The words you told me,
were they ALL lies?
So much pain, for a single gain
Why must you play this fucking game?
You've left a hole that will never heal
If only I, could let you feel
Exactly what you've done…
But im crying now, so fuck it… im done


--Cant feel-
by: Kody

I don't understand
Why I cant feel,
My heart is numb,
My body, weak.
I wish I could
just go to sleep,
and never wake
for when I do,
my life is hell,
and I cant feel you


--But shes not mine-
by: Kody

Ive found something that stops the pain
When shes near, life seems perfect
…but shes not mine…
Shes held by another
What will happen? what should I do?
When shes gone, I fall again..
Into my hell, my head, one in the same
But for WHAT??
So I can attempt to forever run from the
hurt I have felt once and again, forever
In fear of the feeling called love?
Its slowly taking me apart, the
Echoing sound of pain, and lies
Pounding on my head until I want to break…
  …She makes it all go away…
      …She's within my grasp…
              …But…she's not mine…


--Simple Feelings-
by: Kody

Free falling into darkness,
Fighting for that ultimate feeling.
I try, but fail to find that
Final moment of eternal happiness
that is forever slipping through my fingers

Further down the spiral,
Falling far from where I want to be
But now, I find something new,
Simple feeling for a single soul…
But with head spinning and heart racing,
I cant help but fear what
simple feelings can turn into…


by: Kody

when will it end?
This meaningless passing of time
Keeps eating away at my mind.
When will I leave?
This life is so depressing
And yet theres still this one thing…
But why do I feel this way?
I wish I could run away
And leave this sad place today
But why do feel this is wrong?
Could there be something
Left for me to do?
But what the fuck?
I feel like im falling apart
And soon ill have nothing left in my heart
What have I done to myself?
What have I become?
And will I ever find out why
I feel so dead inside?
Well, I don't know why,
But all I CAN do,
Is live, love, and die.


--The Heartless-
by: Kody

The best at lying
Forever dying
Never crying
Always killing
They live a life of lies
To get inside your mind
And make you them as this thing
That you must have to feel whole
You wont know,
Until you've died
That they cannot love,
Or even feel, love inside…
For they are nothing more than…
The heartless
When your in pain,
The'll take it away
But just leave emptiness inside
Then they drop you, run and hide
Leaving nothingness inside
Because of them, I have died
So this is just a warning
To anyone whos urning
For someone just to hold them.
Just be sure you know them
Before you fall for them
For there the best at lying
And forever dying
They don't think once,
Of who there killing
For they don't feel…


by: Kody

I lay in bed, wide awake
Fear that someone is going to take
You away and ill never see,
Your pretty face next to me
I want to sleep
I want to dream
But for tonight, ill just ScReeeaaMM!!!!
My mind wont stop
To me it seems,
That everything important
Is stolen from me
I wish my brain
Could just shut down…
Lying in bed, beating my head
Against the wall, maybe ill fall
Into a deep sleep, and never wake…
Thatd be great!
…but now im bleeding, and the wall is stained
I wish I were dreaming..
FucK!….Im tired


by: Kody

Its Christmas time!
YAY! Presents!….
Um… was there some other point
to this time of year?
I don't know, and  don't care,
Cuz this year, all I want, is a little cheer
I've been so miserable, all this year
Stupid feeling, pointless tears,,,
I wonder if maybe… I could be happy?
Even a day, I'd feel lucky
My heart is broken, can it heal?
I wonder if someday, ill be able to feel
Anything but sadness, this coming year?
-Happy? Not yet, but maybe someday…-
I hope to find someone who'll help me awake
From this second fall into darkness, fake
This worlds so old, it feels unreal
I want a new world, with new faces
A new home, and new places..
-Happy? …Not yet, but hopefully soon…-