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by: Kody

My mind has started leaving.
And now, I can't stop thinking
of the nightmare, overtaking.
I try to run, but am overcome
by this thing I have become.
This can't be me
but it seems to be,
too powerful, for me to beat.
When I look inside, I find decay.
I turn my head, but feel the pain.
When I fight, It tears a hole.
When I don't, It all feels so cold.
Is there something hear
that I can't see ?
Who would I be
if I lost me ?
This thing that haunts me
from inside,
has almost taken
all my mind.
Who am I supposed to be ?
And what's this thing,


by: Melody

I lay in bed and watch at night
A candle's flame so orange and bright
A single tear rolls down my cheek
As I lay still and feel so weak
You left me here alone to die
You walked away without saying why
I gave you heart and mind and soul
Now you've gone, my existence is dull
You may not care that I'm still here
But my heart will always hold you near
I'll say goodbye, I'll say farewell
Good luck in life, I wish you well


-These are Your Children-
by: Melody

Our friends betray us
Adults just hate us
Our parents invade us
Our peers degrade us
We're in a category of stupid punks
People pick at us in chunks
We're really sweet and kind you know
We aren't just one big freak show
Who can we trust in these days
When people hurt us in so many ways
Our cautions make you think we disrespect
So you think there's nothing to expect
You think we're lazy and bored all the time
So you berate us cause we don't earn a dime
Just get to know us and you'll see
You'll see we're normal as can be
We don't bite or hurt anyone
We just want to have a little fun