-Love Goddess-
by: Evie

(Ticia) You mean everything to me.
Without you I would drift away in a sea,
a sea of misery and dispair,
just from knowing you're not there,
remembering what we had,
not knowing how to be sad.
Time felt to be going by slow
but already four months have passed
and I know...
I know in my heart we will last.
For us not being together forever
would be like my heart and soul severed,
severd, mushed and boiled.
I'd rather be with a snake coiled,
coiled in its almost barbaric arm
just to keep you from harm.
I'd rather die a thousand deaths
just so you could have one last breath.
You deserve everything you ever want or wanted.
If you ever die, a statue of you will be built,
built for all the world to see
just how much you mean to me.
But then not only to me but to all the world
you will be
...a Love Goddess