How to make a bird house in three easy steps.
First, do not stay thirsty my friends. Instead,
Go ahead and quench your thirst.
Next, please move on to one of the following.
A: Give everything you own away.
B: Continue reading along with me.

Already, your bird house is almost complete.
You’re almost there… just a few more feet to the door. Then…
When you get in, go back out again and repeat until it’s sore.
Step away and say “eff-you-see-kay” with underlining intensity.
All right! Congratulations!
You can watch now as the squirrels dance up the tree,
Twitterpated and sweet for your treats.

If you’re not listening when the birds sing,
You could be missing something amazing.

Old folks and graffiti sign a peace treaty here.
This is the place; the spot; the plaza; the plot in space…
To be.
Is art a joke? Poke. Poke.
Dot dot dot Nevermind me,
I do that a lot. It rocks!
It’s like finding holes in my socks.
Unexpected yet, It keeps happening.
One idiosyncrasy comes easy and,
I go on playing along with my ego.
With so much room to grow, I don’t know…
What will become of this one through your rays?
How much brighter will you let my life be before…
The sunny days are done?
I won’t let it go… the Sun stays.
I won’t be handing over my gun.
I won’t be changing sides.
I won’t be giving up on this spectacle of eyes.
Where art is summer in winter and the spring in fall.
Add a little extra extravaganza, and a pushcart,
And your website will be state of the art.
Put it on your wall.
This is the beginning; the root; the primary; the kick off; the start.
What you see now is a pie chart.
What you will remember is Mozart.

Dear friend,
yo.. i realized soo much about u today… U are an enabler… Every single one of u… And I don’t know why it took me this long to realize it, u were there pretty much since life actually started to matter, actually u were prob there around the time i was born… Maybe I was in denial… Maybe it was always my dream to be normal.. I think my greatest denial is that I love u and would do anything to be with u.. I thought i needed u.. and that i always trusted that u knew best.. truth is, u were all i ever knew… maybe i was just addicted to u .. my new life’s resolution is to get rid of u.. and realize i can live without u… so, i may be crying now and prob always will when i give u a thought… but eventually my dream will come true, in this life or the next.. so thanx for reminding me of who i once was.. and aspire to never come back to u…

In dedication to never be like u,
ur friend,

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