Can’t remember if this is post 4 or 5 of the “life of” series. Anyway. Work has been slow since the new year and I’ve been getting home early, giving me time to accomplish….
Beating the game Final Fantasy Tactics
The editing and putting together of about 8 hours of old video I had finally gotten off tape and onto the computer.
And all the reading and researching needed to prepare me for my new hobby, home brewing beer.

Today I’m going to shave my head and take a nap with the puppy on the floor… where the sun beams in through the window. Then I’m considering starting all over from the start on FFT… it’s such a fun game.

Leah playing with Miss Taru the chihuahua.

Tiz 2011 and this be the first official imperfect post of the year. May 2011 bring you good health and happiness. I plan to see things really take off for the imperfect perspective creative above-ground art project. Send your creative collections to or become an author on this blog and publish yourself your shelf. One day you will get credit for being the beginning of some thing great! We are all imperfect. be creative.

Had a groovy Christmas weekend. Saturday morning we drove out to Venus and saw the family out there. Kasey got an xbox kenects thing and we all had a blast jumping around in front of it. Her baby is growing fast, a real strong kid. He’s holding his own head up pretty well and already trying to stand. Kris looks like a lil rock star with is hair down to his lower back almost. That kid is growing up! Grandpa seems to be doing good, and Mom seems to be really happy being Grandma. After leaving Venus, we went to see Derrick’s mom n dad… they were happy to see us and they even got us an x-mas gift. D=Rok and Jody showed up shortly after and we went out to Jody’s to get started rocking around the Christmas tree in a new old fashion way. We played video games and had a few alcoholic drinks along with a good time and chest nuts roasting on an open fire.

On the first day of Christmas (xmas eve) my true love (Leah) gave to me a bottle of Crown Royal XR. I couldn’t resist getting into it right away. We only had a sip but it was delicious. I got her a new I-pod for the holiday. It’s a pretty neat little gizmo… does way more than just play mp3s. Anyway… the weekend is over, it’s monday and time to prepare for the busy week i have ahead of me at work. Everyone has got to get drunk on new years eve and I have to be one of the guys putting the beverage of choice into every store so they can buy it. Try doing this job Santa!

Hope everyone had a merry holiday and may 2011 be one of our best years to date.

This week I had to drive a route on both Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday I was in Gainsville and Friday I was in The Colony. Driving the truck is stressful but I comes with a little raise so I guess it’s going to be worth it if I end up getting my own route. We got to have a Christmas party last night. I tried a Harpoon’s Christmas Ale and it was delicious. Leah got to meet a few of the guys I work with. We played Blackjack and our dealer looked like Santa Clause.

Next weekend we plan on going to Venus to see my family out there. I will try to remember to take the camera and lots of pictures to post on here.

Take care everyone and have a murrry Christmas!

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Enjoy posting.

I can’t wait to see your imperfect creations.

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