Meet the newest member of the Toast family… his name is Khan (from Mortal Kombat, not Star Trek), and he’s a 2-yr-old California King Snake. He’s about 1 1/2 ft. long and very curious and energetic. Yes, he’s a snake with a personality… His black-and-white coloring made him stand out from the other snakes at the reptile convention, so we decided to take him home!

Note the abstract art by a certain famous artist in the background… Khan appreciates good art! :-)

First Batch ~ Dunkleweizen
Made with chocolate malts, it’s dark, heavy, a little sweet, and pairs well with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Old folks and graffiti sign a peace treaty here.
This is the place; the spot; the plaza; the plot in space…
To be.
Is art a joke? Poke. Poke.
Dot dot dot Nevermind me,
I do that a lot. It rocks!
It’s like finding holes in my socks.
Unexpected yet, It keeps happening.
One idiosyncrasy comes easy and,
I go on playing along with my ego.
With so much room to grow, I don’t know…
What will become of this one through your rays?
How much brighter will you let my life be before…
The sunny days are done?
I won’t let it go… the Sun stays.
I won’t be handing over my gun.
I won’t be changing sides.
I won’t be giving up on this spectacle of eyes.
Where art is summer in winter and the spring in fall.
Add a little extra extravaganza, and a pushcart,
And your website will be state of the art.
Put it on your wall.
This is the beginning; the root; the primary; the kick off; the start.
What you see now is a pie chart.
What you will remember is Mozart.

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