Marigolds on Torn Paper

Ganked from Neatorama… here’s what they have to say.

Your eyes don’t deceive you – that is a giant toaster made of toast. Artists Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre, AKA FA+, created a huge mural using 2,500 pieces of bread heated at various lengths of time in the toaster to produce the color variation needed to represent the appliance. It took them two days and the help of a bunch of their toaster-owning friends.

Here’s the link to the artists’ website, with a few photos of the piece in progress.


Meet the newest member of the Toast family… his name is Khan (from Mortal Kombat, not Star Trek), and he’s a 2-yr-old California King Snake. He’s about 1 1/2 ft. long and very curious and energetic. Yes, he’s a snake with a personality… His black-and-white coloring made him stand out from the other snakes at the reptile convention, so we decided to take him home!

Note the abstract art by a certain famous artist in the background… Khan appreciates good art! :-)


Old folks and graffiti sign a peace treaty here.
This is the place; the spot; the plaza; the plot in space…
To be.
Is art a joke? Poke. Poke.
Dot dot dot Nevermind me,
I do that a lot. It rocks!
It’s like finding holes in my socks.
Unexpected yet, It keeps happening.
One idiosyncrasy comes easy and,
I go on playing along with my ego.
With so much room to grow, I don’t know…
What will become of this one through your rays?
How much brighter will you let my life be before…
The sunny days are done?
I won’t let it go… the Sun stays.
I won’t be handing over my gun.
I won’t be changing sides.
I won’t be giving up on this spectacle of eyes.
Where art is summer in winter and the spring in fall.
Add a little extra extravaganza, and a pushcart,
And your website will be state of the art.
Put it on your wall.
This is the beginning; the root; the primary; the kick off; the start.
What you see now is a pie chart.
What you will remember is Mozart.


Can’t remember if this is post 4 or 5 of the “life of” series. Anyway. Work has been slow since the new year and I’ve been getting home early, giving me time to accomplish….
Beating the game Final Fantasy Tactics
The editing and putting together of about 8 hours of old video I had finally gotten off tape and onto the computer.
And all the reading and researching needed to prepare me for my new hobby, home brewing beer.

Today I’m going to shave my head and take a nap with the puppy on the floor… where the sun beams in through the window. Then I’m considering starting all over from the start on FFT… it’s such a fun game.

Leah playing with Miss Taru the chihuahua.

.. i’m hoping this will work.. but uhrmm.. this isn’t all of the kandi i have made.. just one’s i have taken pix of…

Me in our home office/art room.

The t-shirt I’m wearing here is the only one of its kind in the world!

The airplane design comes from a set of webdings called Interoffice.  The set has lots of cute office-related pictures in it; you can download it for free at (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the download link).

Once i saw this lil’ airplane I immediately knew I had to put it on a t-shirt.  (I used the heat press we have at work.)  Not only was I drawn to this image because it’s an airplane (when I was younger I was absolutely nuts about airplanes), but I also liked it because it looks very Japanese.  The Japanese have a word for something that’s miniaturized and cute… “chibi”.  So I call this my chibi airplane shirt.

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