I found this on Boing Boing, linked originally from a vintage ad community on LiveJournal.

I love it… her swirly dress and blouse, the keys swinging merrily from her belt, braids flying behind her… and the goat beside her looking shy and celebratory at the same time. He could be saying “Bro! I’m dancing with a barmaid! And she’s smokin’ hot! How flippin’ cool is this?”

Of the many eras I’d like to go back in time to, the 1880s is definitely on the list. As long as I could go somewhere with lots of beer. :-)

Ganked from Neatorama… here’s what they have to say.

Your eyes don’t deceive you – that is a giant toaster made of toast. Artists Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre, AKA FA+, created a huge mural using 2,500 pieces of bread heated at various lengths of time in the toaster to produce the color variation needed to represent the appliance. It took them two days and the help of a bunch of their toaster-owning friends.

Here’s the link to the artists’ website, with a few photos of the piece in progress.


Toasty Bros. Home brewed beer

This Pale Ale is made with Muntons Light DME, Briess CBW Golden Light LME, Palisade bittering hops AA 6.7%, Cascade Flavor hops AA5.0%, more Cascade hops for Aroma, and Safeale-US 05 dry ale yeast.

6.1% ABV

21.91 IBU

photography by Cinnabar


D=Rok is the head brewer of this batch.

Inebriated Sober American Cream Ale

From Willamette Hops and Malt Extracts

Photos taken while bottling Toasty Bros. Round Two – Amber Ale

Toast is bread that has been browned by exposure to radiant heat. This browning reaction is known as the Maillard reaction. Toasting warms the bread and makes it firmer, so it holds toppings more securely. Toasting is a common method of making stale bread more palatable. In a modern kitchen, the usual method of toasting bread is by the use of a toaster, an electrical appliance made for that purpose. To use a modern toaster, sliced bread is placed into the narrow slots on the top of the toaster, the toaster is tuned to the correct setting (some may have more elaborate settings than others) and a lever on the side is pushed down. The toast is ready when the lever pops up along with the toast. If the bread is insufficiently toasted, the lever can be pressed down again. One of the first home toasting appliances that was available would only toast one side of the bread at a time, so the bread had to be flipped over half way through.

Bread can also be toasted under a grill (US: broiler), in an open oven, or lying on an oven rack. Toaster ovens are special small appliances made for toasting bread or for heating small amounts of other foods.

Bread can also be toasted by holding it near but not directly over an open flame, such as a campfire or fireplace; special toasting utensils (e.g. toasting forks) are made for this purpose. Before the invention of modern cooking appliances such as toasters and grills, this was the only available method of producing toast.

Toast is made using slices of bread. Many brands of ready sliced bread are available, some specifically marketing their suitability for toasting.Toast is most commonly eaten with butter or margarine spread over it, and may be served with preserves, spreads, or other toppings in addition to or instead of butter. Toast and jam or marmalade is popular in Britain. A few other condiments that can be enjoyed with toast are jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter, yeast extract, mayonnaise, honey, and cream cheese. Some sandwiches call for toast to be used rather than bread; with the BLT being a prime example of this.

Toast is an important component of many breakfasts, and is also important in some traditional bland specialty diets for people with gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea.

In the United Kingdom, a dish popular with children is a soft-boiled egg eaten with toast ‘soldiers’ at breakfast. Strips of toast (the “soldiers”) are dipped into the runny yolk of a boiled egg through a hole made in the top of the eggshell, and eaten.

Meet the newest member of the Toast family… his name is Khan (from Mortal Kombat, not Star Trek), and he’s a 2-yr-old California King Snake. He’s about 1 1/2 ft. long and very curious and energetic. Yes, he’s a snake with a personality… His black-and-white coloring made him stand out from the other snakes at the reptile convention, so we decided to take him home!

Note the abstract art by a certain famous artist in the background… Khan appreciates good art! :-)



I love this.

First Batch ~ Dunkleweizen
Made with chocolate malts, it’s dark, heavy, a little sweet, and pairs well with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

The No-Baby Boom

Boing Boing, a highly active cool blog I visit almost daily, shared this link (above) to an interesting article from Details magazine about how more and more couples (like Mr. Toast and I) are choosing not to have kids.

That being said, I have nothing but the highest respect for parents and for the sacrifices they make for their children. It love seeing the pics my Facebook friends post of their kids!

Team Coco – Museum of Conan Art

I’m proud of this beer. I imagine each batch getting better and better, yet I’m still amazed at how good this home-brew turned out. I’m calling it “First Batch – Dunkelweizen”

I shall now take this moment to thank Leah, co-founder of Toastybros homebrewed beers, for helping me with this batch as well as the many future brews to come. She also designed the logo and helped with the tasting of this beer. mmmm. I can’t wait to see how the second batch of beer turns out. Yes, that’s right! I already have a 2nd batch of beer nearing it’s bottling stage. In fact, I’m going to bottle it this Sunday. It will be an American Amber style beer. Stay tuned. :)

k well i decided to go ahead and go. I went to this FirstBaptist here in the square and it wasnt horrible, of course it was a bit ordinary for my liking but not bad… i walked in, 7 minutes early, and was immediatly greeted by quite a few people, then the Pastor, Chad, followed by his wife, holly, who seemed very delightful, he, however, seemed like he didnt really kno what to say, i made it known that i am looking for a church to begin visiting semi-regularly, quickly summed up the fact that i hav a 5month old baby and live with my mother (who kept the kevin for me just incase) although one thing i didnt appreciate was that when i mentioned my baby every one seemed to assume i was married and asked if my husband came with,… as if a mother, couldnt be a mother, without a husband… I also met a lady, Dawn that does animal rescuing as well and we exchanged numbers… Holly and chad hav 3kids, and the church is looking for a new music leader and a new youth minister, teeheehee my mind goes I’ll do it I’ll do it, ha like that would ever happen if they heard my true beliefes though it would be awesome to hav an opportunity like that i dont think it will happen untill we hav our own church,…

ANYWAY,… the first thing i noticed as chad started speaking to the congrigation was, his energy level, it was Great, at first, then (as i was taking notes) the word “great” became “high” and soon had a “very” in front of it, ok his energy level maybe a little too high, but hey thats better then dull, right? He took a long time to get to his point, said he has a tendency for stepping on toes and that he would probably step on toes more today then he has in the past so in my head i’m thinking “awesome this should be good i picked the right sunday to come” but on and on he went about being bold and stepping on toes, but, it really just seemed like the same old stuff, Church is for God, not us if we feel church is for us we as a church will die, and was asking, how far are you willing to go for God / church, and there is nothing, no act, more important then glorifying God… like i said just a little to same old same old for me, although he kept on talking about how he was probably stepping on toes,… he told of his first youth group that he ministered to that started as 60 and at first i thought he was going to say how he doubled it or something but he actually went on to tell how in the year he was there it had dwindled down to 20, and that it was not because of the church itsself, but because the teens these days love the world more then God, but … idk… how can he say its not the church? isnt it the churches “job” per say, to make the youth love God more then the world??? idk…

The average age group seemed to be around 50-60, there were mostly older couples, a few families and a few young children, but one youth boy, he sat on the same pue as me at the opposite end, he looked maybe 17-19, and it seemed like he didnt kno anyone there, i felt like i should say something to him, but the words never came, so another day i suppose…

Well im off to see the inlaws now, so i’ll talk more later see ya.

Goodmorning Imperfect, good morning brother, *yawns and stretches* i’m thinking about maybe going to church this morning, i’ve been kinda feeling a pull toward this one church for like two months now but God just hasn’t made the time right for me yet…maybe this morning…idk…maybe not…i havn’t been to a church in, damn like a year now…idk what i’d say, and i wouldnt wanna leave kevin with some stranger in the nursery…so…it’d hav to be a church that doesnt mind having a baby in the congrigation… and if it did mind, and “asked me nicely” (ya kno the way churches always do) to please leave him in the nursery, i’d probly end up saying some really not nice words….and then there is also the fact that the only articles of clothing that i own that still fits my newly plump body, are my lovely colection of pajamas….. and well,… idk if that church would appreciate that,… as much as it deserves to be appreciated, I hav Pooh pajamas, Eor pajamas, three pair of Tinkerbell pajamas,…  then theres alwaays my army sweats from the good old days….i just don’t kno, a first baptist church, may look down on that, and, not that i nessecarily (i cant spell that word) CARE what they think i would just rather not hav confrontation infront of my 5month old son….

speakin of which! he had bananas for breakfast this morning!!!! and he loved them!!! ate almost half the jar! and now he’s enjoying his morning milk! and shiting lol gotta love babies! and as usual i am drinking room-tempeture coffee (yuck) because as soon as i poored my fresh cup this morning he needed changing…oh well i love being a mom! and i’d drink room-tempature coffee for the rest of my life if i had to for him lol.

hghjkijhyhjhngjkm  m n n nmn mknmn lol kevin says hi too.

well i’m sure i’ll be back soon, maybe tonight, maybe not 😉 Love ya!

Livejournal has a feature they put up every day on their home page called “Writers Block”, made of various random questions you can answer and expound upon.  Today’s question was, “If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?”

I would choose Abed from Community… and hopefully I could bring Troy, too, since they are sort of a matched pair. Our conversations would be full of geeky pop-culture goodness and well-timed quips from the guys, and I would probably have trouble stopping laughing long enough to eat!

And that question leads to another… what type of restaurant would we go to? Since they are both geeky college guys, I would choose a good ramen joint. There is such a place here where I live (it’s called Ramen Republic), and their ramen is absolutely wonderful! Lots of options… you can choose your broth, your types of noodles, and your protein, and of course what veggies and/or sauces you want. And yes, they have chopsticks!

Try a few of their beers. All delicious.

Like most people, I can’t really get my head around what’s happening in Japan. Whenever I think about it, I send healing and love energy to the people there.

And of course, I realize that different people will have different reactions. Today I found the following posted (or, more accurately, re-posted) on the Facebook status of a girl I went to school with (copied exactly, punctuation errors intact).

“TAKE THIS IN!!! Sept 11th- New York, January 11th- Haiti and March 11th- Japan. Luke 21:10-11 Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes’, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. ‘Jesus says for behold I come quickly’ so ask yourself, are you ready? Many wont repost this”

There were two comments (also copied exactly): “The Lord is soon returning!” and “TELL ME HOW TO REPOST AND I WILL SO TURE”. (Side note… why can’t people figure out how to turn off their caps lock?!?)

*Sigh* I know I shouldn’t be bothered by this, but somehow I am. I don’t believe it was anything other than sheer coincidence that all three of these events happened on the 11th day of the month. I think it was a Snopes article (concerning Sept. 11) that said in the face of unexplainable tragedy, it is human nature to search for patterns to try to impose some meaning to the disaster. (Key word? Try.) Also, every generation (including early Christians) has had people who believe they are living in “the End Times.”


*cross-posted to LiveJournal*

sometimes I wonder.. I wonder if you truly meant what you said when you said you needed me.. I told you that it was important to me that I could self soothe myself.. it took me a practically my whole life to learn how to do that.. I told you that I’ve been hurt before, and you knew more than anyone why.. I thought you understood where I was coming from.. I told you that it took me a long time to be able to feel that I didn’t truly need anyone to make me feel happy.. and then you came along.. you told me so many things and I fell for it.. sometimes I wonder if you truly meant what you said when you told me you weren’t here to hurt me, that you would love me to the best of your abilities, that you needed me more than I knew.. in some ways I knew it was wrong what we were doing, but I’ve loved you since the day I met you.. we went thru so much, both together and apart, to get to the point where we could finally be together.. you told me that He does not bring two people together just to tear them apart.. and now we’re thousands, if not millions, of miles away.. I have soo many mixed emotions.. I’m sad when I think about how far we are from each other, when you don’t answer my texts or calls or messages.. I’m pissed off when you put on a front and make light of situations when I KNOW you are hurting just as much as I am.. pissed off that I gave you my whole heart, body, mind, and soul just for you to act this way and say those things to me.. but mostly.. when I think about you.. I can’t help but to smile and feel the most and utter peacefullness.. I miss you’re voice.. and I’m trying so hard to hold onto all the things that I loved most about you.. I fear sometimes that I will forget what you sound like, what your touch felt like, your smile, your laugh, the feeling I got when you would hold me.. regardless of what happens, I’m truly happy that I got to have you in that way, in that time, for that long, and in that place.. I will carry that with me always … I just pray that you KNOW that I still love you, and will always love you.. that’s something that will never change.. and I don’t regret any of it, regardless of the outcomes..


Old folks and graffiti sign a peace treaty here.
This is the place; the spot; the plaza; the plot in space…
To be.
Is art a joke? Poke. Poke.
Dot dot dot Nevermind me,
I do that a lot. It rocks!
It’s like finding holes in my socks.
Unexpected yet, It keeps happening.
One idiosyncrasy comes easy and,
I go on playing along with my ego.
With so much room to grow, I don’t know…
What will become of this one through your rays?
How much brighter will you let my life be before…
The sunny days are done?
I won’t let it go… the Sun stays.
I won’t be handing over my gun.
I won’t be changing sides.
I won’t be giving up on this spectacle of eyes.
Where art is summer in winter and the spring in fall.
Add a little extra extravaganza, and a pushcart,
And your website will be state of the art.
Put it on your wall.
This is the beginning; the root; the primary; the kick off; the start.
What you see now is a pie chart.
What you will remember is Mozart.


Can’t remember if this is post 4 or 5 of the “life of” series. Anyway. Work has been slow since the new year and I’ve been getting home early, giving me time to accomplish….
Beating the game Final Fantasy Tactics
The editing and putting together of about 8 hours of old video I had finally gotten off tape and onto the computer.
And all the reading and researching needed to prepare me for my new hobby, home brewing beer.

Today I’m going to shave my head and take a nap with the puppy on the floor… where the sun beams in through the window. Then I’m considering starting all over from the start on FFT… it’s such a fun game.

Leah playing with Miss Taru the chihuahua.

.. i’m hoping this will work.. but uhrmm.. this isn’t all of the kandi i have made.. just one’s i have taken pix of…

Me in our home office/art room.

The t-shirt I’m wearing here is the only one of its kind in the world!

The airplane design comes from a set of webdings called Interoffice.  The set has lots of cute office-related pictures in it; you can download it for free at http://www.fontfont.com/downloads/ (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the download link).

Once i saw this lil’ airplane I immediately knew I had to put it on a t-shirt.  (I used the heat press we have at work.)  Not only was I drawn to this image because it’s an airplane (when I was younger I was absolutely nuts about airplanes), but I also liked it because it looks very Japanese.  The Japanese have a word for something that’s miniaturized and cute… “chibi”.  So I call this my chibi airplane shirt.

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