I will leave my moth dust on your light bulb
All around your 60watts
I will dance and sing
I will leave complete trust in florescence
If only I could figure
Out your why-er-ing

I believe my off time’s spent impending
If can still reach the switch to
Show you what I mean
Isles reeve through piles of steel with waver
And fluctuating price tags
Leave me questioning

I will do you a favor for a lifesaver
It seems I fell overboard
At sea so could see

If I could be your penguin wings

Defending things with nail proof armor
On hiatus from a world
Of humans that hate us

The deity that made us

Must be laughing

While I keep flying full speed against the glass
It stings a little but
The pain doesn’t last
Into your light bulb each time it turns on
I recast as an insect
Inspecting your flash

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