I will leave my moth dust on your light bulb
All around your 60watts
I will dance and sing
I will leave complete trust in florescence
If only I could figure
Out your why-er-ing

I believe my off time’s spent impending
If can still reach the switch to
Show you what I mean
Isles reeve through piles of steel with waver
And fluctuating price tags
Leave me questioning

I will do you a favor for a lifesaver
It seems I fell overboard
At sea so could see

If I could be your penguin wings

Defending things with nail proof armor
On hiatus from a world
Of humans that hate us

The deity that made us

Must be laughing

While I keep flying full speed against the glass
It stings a little but
The pain doesn’t last
Into your light bulb each time it turns on
I recast as an insect
Inspecting your flash

Come for breakfast
Stay for Love.
Make it up.
Come forget this
Life you Live.
EVERYDAY we give
and we give.

We will sit and
sing the blues.
Let it loose.
Come in restless
Stay to play.
EVERYDAY we give
and we give
our lives away.

Stale chip and hot sauce from last week… still so delicious this evening.
I’m tired… But before I crash to the floor… I should find some real food.
Never mind… I’m not really in the mood… for milk.
Expired… February 11th 2008… wait… what is today’s date? I’m thirsty…
Why must I continue to stand here… and contemplate… what fate exactly drinking this shit might bring.
And I want to sing… I can’t help this strange feeling I get… when it doesn’t smell sour… but the numbers say it might be… is it doubt?

I better pour this out.

The numbers say it might be… catastrophe… disaster.
Am I hearing laughter?
Is that inside my head?
I’m thirsty… I guess I’ll drink water instead.
But I’m pretty hungry too… chips just don’t fill me up like they use to.
So let’s see… chili.
Ok… chili… and TOAST!

Damn… some milk would be nice with this.

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