Sooo… I finally have my own little business!! HOORAY for progress!!  I have a facebook page (two, in fact).  IdealisticallyUnique will take you right to my website: and you can press the like button from there.  You can also go to my facebook page by typing in Idealisticaaly Unique (not one word).  Either way works for me! :)  There are pictures on this site you are on  that are not on either of my sites.  Things were either changed, are not for sale at the moment, or have already been given away.  Any and all support will be greatly appreciated! Also, if you have any criticisms, ideas, requests, please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to get back to you.  You can contact me on my facebook or my other emails: or  Thanks for everything guys.. hope to hear from you soon! LUVZ!

One Response to “Idealistically Unique”

  1. sorry, for the facebook page it will be: Idealistically Unique (two words) NOT: Idealisticaaly Unique. I apologize for that! 😛

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