Goodmorning Imperfect, good morning brother, *yawns and stretches* i’m thinking about maybe going to church this morning, i’ve been kinda feeling a pull toward this one church for like two months now but God just hasn’t made the time right for me yet…maybe this morning…idk…maybe not…i havn’t been to a church in, damn like a year now…idk what i’d say, and i wouldnt wanna leave kevin with some stranger in the nursery…so…it’d hav to be a church that doesnt mind having a baby in the congrigation… and if it did mind, and “asked me nicely” (ya kno the way churches always do) to please leave him in the nursery, i’d probly end up saying some really not nice words….and then there is also the fact that the only articles of clothing that i own that still fits my newly plump body, are my lovely colection of pajamas….. and well,… idk if that church would appreciate that,… as much as it deserves to be appreciated, I hav Pooh pajamas, Eor pajamas, three pair of Tinkerbell pajamas,…  then theres alwaays my army sweats from the good old days….i just don’t kno, a first baptist church, may look down on that, and, not that i nessecarily (i cant spell that word) CARE what they think i would just rather not hav confrontation infront of my 5month old son….

speakin of which! he had bananas for breakfast this morning!!!! and he loved them!!! ate almost half the jar! and now he’s enjoying his morning milk! and shiting lol gotta love babies! and as usual i am drinking room-tempeture coffee (yuck) because as soon as i poored my fresh cup this morning he needed changing…oh well i love being a mom! and i’d drink room-tempature coffee for the rest of my life if i had to for him lol.

hghjkijhyhjhngjkm  m n n nmn mknmn lol kevin says hi too.

well i’m sure i’ll be back soon, maybe tonight, maybe not 😉 Love ya!

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