.. i’m hoping this will work.. but uhrmm.. this isn’t all of the kandi i have made.. just one’s i have taken pix of…

3 Responses to ““kandi” i’ve made…”

  1. if u have any questions.. or requests.. feel free to ask… i’ve actually been thinking about starting to sale these.. comments are always appreciated.. <3

  2. My favorite of these is definitely the mario bro’s 1 up mushroom. Coolness. Thanks for posting.

    • LOL… yeah.. i actually made that one off a pic that someone i knew posted… there’s a site or two where i got the patterns and all that jazz from … one of the sites has this free template i downloaded to where u can come up with ur own patterns… i’ve just yet to print them out..

      but yeah.. the mario bro’s shroom is def a fav.. so is the jack skellington one..

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