Dear friend,
yo.. i realized soo much about u today… U are an enabler… Every single one of u… And I don’t know why it took me this long to realize it, u were there pretty much since life actually started to matter, actually u were prob there around the time i was born… Maybe I was in denial… Maybe it was always my dream to be normal.. I think my greatest denial is that I love u and would do anything to be with u.. I thought i needed u.. and that i always trusted that u knew best.. truth is, u were all i ever knew… maybe i was just addicted to u .. my new life’s resolution is to get rid of u.. and realize i can live without u… so, i may be crying now and prob always will when i give u a thought… but eventually my dream will come true, in this life or the next.. so thanx for reminding me of who i once was.. and aspire to never come back to u…

In dedication to never be like u,
ur friend,

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