I will leave my moth dust on your light bulb
All around your 60watts
I will dance and sing
I will leave complete trust in florescence
If only I could figure
Out your why-er-ing

I believe my off time’s spent impending
If can still reach the switch to
Show you what I mean
Isles reeve through piles of steel with waver
And fluctuating price tags
Leave me questioning

I will do you a favor for a lifesaver
It seems I fell overboard
At sea so could see

If I could be your penguin wings

Defending things with nail proof armor
On hiatus from a world
Of humans that hate us

The deity that made us

Must be laughing

While I keep flying full speed against the glass
It stings a little but
The pain doesn’t last
Into your light bulb each time it turns on
I recast as an insect
Inspecting your flash

Come for breakfast
Stay for Love.
Make it up.
Come forget this
Life you Live.
EVERYDAY we give
and we give.

We will sit and
sing the blues.
Let it loose.
Come in restless
Stay to play.
EVERYDAY we give
and we give
our lives away.

Stale chip and hot sauce from last week… still so delicious this evening.
I’m tired… But before I crash to the floor… I should find some real food.
Never mind… I’m not really in the mood… for milk.
Expired… February 11th 2008… wait… what is today’s date? I’m thirsty…
Why must I continue to stand here… and contemplate… what fate exactly drinking this shit might bring.
And I want to sing… I can’t help this strange feeling I get… when it doesn’t smell sour… but the numbers say it might be… is it doubt?

I better pour this out.

The numbers say it might be… catastrophe… disaster.
Am I hearing laughter?
Is that inside my head?
I’m thirsty… I guess I’ll drink water instead.
But I’m pretty hungry too… chips just don’t fill me up like they use to.
So let’s see… chili.
Ok… chili… and TOAST!

Damn… some milk would be nice with this.

I’m not afraid of crocodiles. Survival is my friend.
I can walk and swim for miles enduring to the end.
I feel the need to last,
Through the bare cold to over one hundred degrees of heat.
They don’t get me there fast but,
My ass can go far on… my own two feet.

The taste of a handout is always so sweet until you’re…
Hitting every branch on the way down the family tree.
Is this part of a natural thing of genes… something that I have to be?
Am I a seed falling from above or,
From below do I grow into weeds?

Take my throat and just squeeze a little, you’ll see…
You can’t force the change out of me.
I will prevail. I’m setting sail for freedom.
Fleeing the kingdom. Escaping the moat…
A ten-toe propeller and a dead float make my boat.
Abandoned a ship made for a penny-fishing whaler.

(I’m not afraid of crocodiles.) I am my father’s first born failure.

I do not decry the crowd,
The movement of my thoughts,
Jumping from my mouth out loud without fear.
There may be not enough caffeine in my daily routine.
I want to taste the intensity of true being but,
I am unable to swallow the sun. Do you have to understand?
Under demand to have fun and say I see everything clear,
Even though I do not know what someone I am all the time.
I can be done or just have begun or I can be from beginning to end.
Like the airplane that, then, took us from there… to here.
I can hold a hand out in exhibition this year. I have the intuition,
To design an enterprise of imperfect interpretation superstition.
Like a bowl of bananas with cereal, and sugar, bathing in milk.
Sliding like silk down my throat, this whiskey has me swaying.
Why would When know where Who is again? What was I saying?
1+1-them (you + me)= just us three plus pi … I think… though I stink at math.
Anyway I was wondering why knot if I can tie? I mean…
Let’s take us like the airplane and fly high into the sky,
Have a couple drinks and think about a future serene.
Under the influence of art, infected and in a daze with,
Two days to hold a compound fraction in Las Vegas.

While moving how ever many miles per hour on my bike first thing this morning,
I decided to fly, and realized the fall might hurt. Hit the dirt.
Tucked and rolled, and bounced back up on my feet.
Road rash and adrenaline-fun experienced in the middle of the street.
It wasn’t the first time and,

I want to do it again.
Because it’s when the pain begins that I really know I’m alive.
I gain a sense of confidence every time I am pushed to survive.
While diving so gracefully through the air,
I arrive to this conclusion.

No perception is the same but,
What I am able to see is no illusion.
I am under no spell.
Life is hell… but I know a little secret… well,
I know it works for me,

Every time the rock paper scissors begins, rock wins.

Could this be?
A… new… post?
I’m not sure what one looks like… I mean… it’s been so long.

An update…


Life is nice.

If only I could paint a picture
that looks like a
sunrise over the lake
on a cool spring morning,
sounds like coffee brewing,
smells like Chocolate Bourbon Cake baking in the oven,
and tastes like toast… fresh from the toaster… with maple syrup.

Work is working and
my weekends end each week sweetly.

Me and Leah… I mean, Leah and I…

Werr happily merrd and having fun
finding fun in a ton of every day… things.

Keeping it cool, groovy, smooth, and comfortable.

Thank you.

Be good.


Looking forward to visiting with Tasty Bros and sampling a few brews…

Maybe Stinky Bob and I can also shoot some pool.  (Not the water kind).

We need those things…


[INFO] spookybob[/] logged in
[INFO] Cinnabar77[/] logged in
[INFO] hey
[INFO] hey sexy :-)
[INFO] i’m building an out post
[INFO] cool
[INFO] i think we should make one in each direction
[INFO] have a north, east, south, and west out post.
[INFO] good idea
[INFO] the sun rises in the north and sets in the south in minecraft world
[INFO] i remember you saying that
[INFO] so i’m working on the West Outpost now
[INFO] how far is the other base from here?
[INFO] just far enough that you can’t see it….
[INFO] i should have made it a lil closer
[INFO] but… i wanted it on top of the hill so i went a lil farther
[INFO] i think i’m lost lol
[INFO] hehe
[INFO] cool – not lost anymore
[INFO] gao
[INFO] tp please
[INFO] Cinnabar77 issued server command: /tp spookybob Cinnabar77
[INFO] [Cinnabar77: Teleported spookybob to Cinnabar77]
[INFO] were you close to the other base?
[INFO] i was working on it
[INFO] dropped a bucket of lava on my head
[INFO] lol
[INFO] lol
[INFO] your stuff is probably still there
[INFO] nope. lava ate it.
[INFO] gao
[INFO] gao
[INFO] i had all the wool on me
[INFO] now we need to shear some sheep
[INFO] gao
[INFO] spookybob issued server command: /tp cinnabar77 spookybob
[INFO] [spookybob: Teleported Cinnabar77 to spookybob]
[INFO] i didn’t realize there was still lava there
[INFO] hehe
[INFO] that’s how i died
[INFO] do you have any torches?
[INFO] nope
[INFO] crap
[INFO] lol
[INFO] i shouldn’t play with lava
[INFO] i got your pickaxe but that’s it
[INFO] tp
[INFO] Cinnabar77 issued server command: /tp spookybob Cinnabar77
[INFO] [Cinnabar77: Teleported spookybob to Cinnabar77]
[WARNING] Cinnabar77 moved wrongly!
[INFO] gao
[INFO] West Outpost. lava pool.
[INFO] lol
[INFO] imma chop some wood
[INFO] i did
[INFO] ok
[INFO] brb
[INFO] ah. lava got you again too?
[INFO] yep
[INFO] need tp?
[INFO] i was trying to scoop it up in a bucket
[INFO] i think i’ll chop more wood first
[WARNING] Cinnabar77 moved wrongly!
[INFO] ok tp please
[INFO] spookybob issued server command: /tp cinnabar77 spookybob
[INFO] [spookybob: Teleported Cinnabar77 to spookybob]
[INFO] do you have any food? I forgot to grab some at the home base
[INFO] a couple melons
[INFO] thanks
[INFO] i’ll go hunt if you’ll build a furnace – I have coal
[INFO] ok
[INFO] tele?
[INFO] we need to sleep in the bed again
[INFO] so we can respawn there
[INFO] last time i moved the beds we lost our spawn points
[INFO] ok
[INFO] yes please
[INFO] spookybob issued server command: /tp cinnabar77 spookybob
[INFO] [spookybob: Teleported Cinnabar77 to spookybob]
[INFO] skele outside the base
[INFO] cool
[INFO] now we need coal
[INFO] the beds got all wet
[INFO] lol
[INFO] what an uncomfortable nights sleep
[INFO] there’s a cave over here
[INFO] wow that goes far down
[INFO] careful
[INFO] i’m over in the other direction
[INFO] i see some coal and iron too
[INFO] cool
[INFO] could you put a block over here please?
[INFO] it’s toofar up for me to put one down
[INFO] or I could do that… duh :-)
[INFO] ehhe
[INFO] creeper down there
[INFO] i found a bunch of coal
[INFO] cool. i’mma head back up
[INFO] nice cave.
[INFO] lol
[INFO] going hunting
[INFO] kk
[INFO] get some good stuffs
[INFO] he he
[INFO] found pumpkins!
[INFO] tele please
[INFO] spookybob issued server command: /tp cinnabar77 spookybob
[INFO] [spookybob: Teleported Cinnabar77 to spookybob]
[INFO] ty
[INFO] :)
[INFO] Cinnabar77 lost connection: disconnect.genericReason
[INFO] Cinnabar77[/] logged in with entity id 160363 at (87.90310184674593, 64.0, -437.72242655441335)
[INFO] :)
[INFO] i thought you might be done.
[INFO] it froze and I had to restart
[INFO] oh. bummer
[INFO] i found a bug
[INFO] what?’
[INFO] if i stand in this spot i’m on fire… but it dosn’t hurt me
[INFO] weird
[INFO] wanna see? need tele?
[INFO] yes please – got lost again
[INFO] it also stays lit up at night
[INFO] spookybob issued server command: /tp cinnabar77 spookybob
[INFO] [spookybob: Teleported Cinnabar77 to spookybob]
[INFO] i thought lava did that normally
[INFO] see
[INFO] i’m on fire
[INFO] doesn’t look lik you’re on fire to me
[INFO] weird
[INFO] you try standing here
[INFO] are you on fire?
[INFO] nope
[INFO] What?!
[INFO] weeeeeird
[INFO] i’m on fire
[INFO] i don’t see any lava here
[INFO] hehee… i like the sign
[INFO] Is my cat skin still on?
[INFO] ya
[INFO] i’m pretteh sure
[INFO] when I look in my inventory it’s not
[INFO] it’s still on
[INFO] the update made things buggy
[INFO] i thought the enderman got you
[INFO] he warped away
[INFO] i found out other cave
[INFO] it might be this same one
[INFO] it’s seems to go on forever
[INFO] i’m about to be lost
[INFO] endy down below you
[INFO] and a creeper
[INFO] found npc mine
[INFO] wonder if it connects to the other one we found
[INFO] i have food if you need some
[INFO] i do
[INFO] *kissess*
[INFO] :)
[INFO] wanna explore the npc mine.
[INFO] might find some treasure.
[INFO] or bread. lol
[INFO] i think i’m ready for tacos
[INFO] lots of monsters.
[INFO] mmm… ok. let’s take a break. eat tacos, watch that movie…. then later play more. cool?
[INFO] my wrist could use the rest.
[INFO] groovy toast :-)
[INFO] do you hear that noise? it sounds like glomp
[INFO] ya
[INFO] either slime or ender… i think.
[INFO] hehe… at first I thought it said art hut
[INFO] i’d put a painting up but i don’t have any wool
[INFO] me either
[INFO] there we go
[INFO] nice lil zombie shelter
[INFO] spookybob lost connection: disconnect.quitting
[INFO] Cinnabar77 lost connection: disconnect.quitting